Support Services

Ridley School District offers a variety of  supportive services to students and their families.   The Director of Pupil Services, along with two School Social Workers are considered the District's liaisons between  parents/guardians to school staff, including Teachers, Administrators, Counselors, Psychologists, Nurses, and out of district Social Service Agencies to ensure that Ridley School District is focusing on the student's entire well being and functioning as a successful team. 

Ridley's Support Services Staff can help with…

*School issues--including discipline, attendance problems, and peer relations problems.

*Home issues--including abuse or neglect, divorce, serious illness or death, mental health, medical issues and daily necessities.

*Making referrals to State or Federal agencies.  These referrals are the critical tasks of the Ridley Support Staff so they can help pinpoint needs, identify strengths and assist with solutions. 

*Working with Children and Youth Services and Truancy Court.

*Applying for Medical Assistance, CHIP or other health insurance.

*Solving families immediate needs and guiding them towards long-term self sufficiency with housing and fiances.